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Why Choose Hull Real Estate Group?

We provide the same service, or better, that you can expect from any other agent or brokerage, for almost half the price. That means more money in your pocket for moving expenses, new furniture, pay off some debt, or whatever it may be. And the savings can be substantial. Many of our clients save $10,000 or more.


Here's an idea of how much you can save with Hull Real Estate Group vs other agents who charge the industry standard 6% commission:

Home Value                                   Your Savings

$250,000                                                        $6,250

$300,000                                                        $7,500

$400,000                                                        $10,000

$500,000                                                        $12,500

$600,000                                                        $15,000

$700,000                                                        $17,500

$800,000                                                        $20,000

$900,000                                                        $22,500

$1,000,000                                                     $25,000

North Richland Hills realtor.jpg

As you can see, the savings can be very meaningful. No matter who you hire to sell your home, the end result will likely be the same: Your home gets sold. The difference with Hull Real Estate Group is you keep a lot more of your money when it does sell.

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